Prism Live is an "Anti-Agency"

Meet The Founder & CEO

Chris Thomas, most commonly known as "Boom" is a musician, singer-songwriter, and a noise-maker who always dreamed of a place for talented individuals to come together and call their home. The entertainment industry, and especially the live streaming industry, seemed to be missing something that exudes the true meaning of community. Boom used his knowledge, wits, and connections to create an agency like no other. Prism Live prides itself on getting you contracts, not enslaving you to one!

One Word:

Community. We believe that in today's ever-growing industry, it is too easy to be left behind in an agency. But when everybody in the community has the same mindset and supportive nature, that's how you become a family, and that's the magic that Prism Live brings to the table for you!

Talented Streamers

Prism Live wouldn't be where it is today without any of the amazing talents and friends that have been with us on this humbling journey.


Every single one of our talents has a common purpose in their life, and that is to inspire the wish makers and encourage the dream makers. When you are surrounded by people who truly support YOU for YOU, that's how everyone rises up together.


Everyone in Prism loves to throw ideas, tips, and advice around to make our community better for everybody. This creative concept mixed with professional streaming tutorials ensures that everybody has a spark ignited within them!

Professional Team Mates

Maria Kenddy

Managing Director

Martin Blair

Financial Editor

Amanda Chan

Marketing Executive

Jackie Levis

Agency Department

Available Talented People


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