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For his debut in the new Amazon Prime Docu-series, "True Journey"

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The Industry's Leading Live Stream Talent Team

The fastest growing and leading mobile streaming talent portal in the World consisting of Models, Musicians, Dancers, Actors, and Social Influencers across all major cities.

Talented Streamers

Prism Live is a collective of amazingly talented people. With a hand-picked variety of musicians, singers, dancers, and social influencers, we have exactly who you are looking for!


Using pro tutorials, pdfs, and hands-on knowledge from our experienced live streamers, we help jump start your creative side to ensure a great broadcast.

Multiple Media Platforms

We have talent on only the best live streaming platforms!

Create Your Profile

Whether you have talent or you are looking for talent, join our Prism Live family today and see what we have in store for you.

Apply for Auditions

Do you love to showcase your amazing talents? Have you always dreamed of jumping into the live streaming world? Apply to be a streamer today! Click to get started.

Get Discovered

Not only does Prism Live gain you exposure through some of the top rated apps, we also help direct you to reputable sources and opportunities to expand on your talents and passions!

The Anti-Agency

We don't do contracts, we get YOU contracts!

Couple taking self-portrait at music festival

Top Models

Everybody loves to see the daily lives and behind-the-scenes action of being a model in today's industry. Let people get to know the real you through your personalized live stream!


Musicians and Singers

One of the most requested talents are for musicians and singers! Gain an internet following while getting yourself and your music exposure.


Who wouldn't want to dance all day? After all, it is your passion! Get rewarded for doing something you already love, and show everyone your hottest moves.


Social Influencers

Live streaming is an incredible way to increase your following not only on the apps, but on your social medias as well.

Our Latest Talented Members

We’ve continued to grow as a Talent agency and now represent over 100 diverse Talents across all specialities.


Have you heard our interview with Crowdfire?

What do broadcasters think of Prism LIVE?

Check Out These Talent Reviews!

Prism is undeniably an amazing resource for the live-streaming community. The support and community is unmatched.
Outstanding management, an overwhelmingly positive and faithful group of clientele, and their all inclusive philosophy make Prism the go-to company for burgeoning talent.
Prism has really been an amazing way to meet new people, get new opportunities, and the environment is positive and happy! I highly recommend being apart of this amazing company! It is a professional, friendly, and positive atmosphere

Prism Live LLC thrives through connecting
talent, developing relationships, and serving others while creating opportunities.
Our relationships with our clients and candidates are key and are underpinned by our externally.

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